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Mountain biking blitz on trails around Nepal’s colorful rural landscapes

Incentive Holidays offers highly adventurous Mountain Bike trips in Nepal and Tibet. Our trips are specially designed to detail and familiarize you with the culture and lifestyles of the local folks, introducing you to the best trails in the Himalayas, where most mountain bikers rarely get to know about or ride. Mountain biking in Nepal has slowly become the happening sport & its popularity among adventure enthusiasts from around the world has developed tremendously over the past few years.

Nepal has now become a worldwide destination as one of the best mountain biking terrains ever imagined. The reasons couldn’t be any other than its mountainous geography with diverse landscapes and the stunning sceneries that make up its natural beauty. You will ride on these wild and challenging trails through some of the most stunning scenic and cultural landscapes in the world. In the magnificent backdrops of the Himalayan ranges, the extreme valleys and old forests of the rugged middle hills, the charming terraced fields and warm smiles seen in the faces of the people as you ride through timeless villages, will enhance your memories of the journeys you undertake when biking on tough trails while viewing sublime beauty as well as its challenging terrain. It is mandatory to ensure that our mountain biking trips are geared to guarantee your safety where ever you pedal as you enjoy yourself while biking on some of the most spectacular biking territory on earth.

Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain biking is an interesting way to see the exotic sights of Nepal; all at your own space. It’s just you & your bike. As you ride through the ancient routes of the Trans-Himalayan Traders and the rural village lifestyles of Nepal, you will enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore such wonders as the Kathmandu Valley, which has a vast network of village tracks and trails, which take you into areas never explored before. Mountain biking gives you a perfect chance to explore the valley’s wealth of temples, Stupas and medieval towns seen within the city’s limits. Alternatively, peddle at your own pace along some of the hidden trails to rarely visited rural villages where you will see the warm smiles of locals living preserved, traditional and simple lifestyles just like their ancestors lived it years ago.

Nepal offers challenging and pleasant scenic rides from the tropical plains of the terai, the mid-hills, across mountainous terrain and its lush valleys right to the arctic climate of the high alpine regions. The only way to discover these hidden treasures and its warm, congenial people is on mountain bikes. Mountain biking is a thrilling outdoor sport with great fun and a perfect way to discover Nepal's great diverse landscapes, of immense rugged terrain, tracks and trails. Where your mountain bike takes you away from the hustling hassles of the city into serene country, on hidden trails rarely visited in local villages, vicinities you couldn’t explore on foot or even in a vehicle; but on your mountain bike, you can just move around in the ‘born free’ spirit & pedal your way into any landscape that may suit your interest. Our package trips include very experienced guides, high-quality bikes and strong helmets to ensure your overall safety without compromising on your zeal for adventure. We also provide support vehicles available on request for longer biking trips.

Some popular Mountain biking tours in Nepal
Scenic biking day Tours

An introductory ride while you explore ancient rural villages, legendary temples and monasteries with superb views of the Himalayas. Biking through the rural villages at the valley rim on the back trails with some up and downhill tracks, these days biking trips give you sufficient time to immerse yourself in peaceful surrounding environments where you can interact with the locals and learn of their culture. The biking trips within Kathmandu Valley allow you to enjoy its hidden pockets rarely frequented by westerners, giving you a chance to see the insides of Kathmandu. Other biking trips include City Tours with biking to the famed historical and medieval places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Biking excursions take you to Nagarkot and Kakani, and the quiet sleepy towns of Sankhu and Budhanilkantha. Your biking tour takes you to interesting places where you behold a different world that’s yet so close to a highly modernized and happening Kathmandu. Come and Bike with us from our great varied day trips for you to choose and see the other side of Kathmandu as it was for centuries.

Kathmandu Valley Rim

This is a pleasant, fabulous ride which introduces you to the medieval world in and around the vicinity of Bhaktapur, with ample time to visit and make friends with the warm, local farmers and villagers’ en-route. Your journey continues to the famed scenic viewpoint at Nagarkot, where the highest spot of our trip offers you beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset with the magnificent Himalayan backdrop. A great scenic ride with a visit to the best pilgrimage, and Mountain View spots. This fascinating ride takes you to rarely visited areas of the rural pockets in and out of the Kathmandu Valley rim, biking on roughshod trails to tarmac roads and through the rice terraces with superb views of an array of snow peaks from Annapurna to the Everest range of mountains. Your wonderful five days ride concludes with a downhill delight from the panoramic mountain resorts at Nagarkot to Kathmandu.

Pokhara to Kathmandu Biking

This is an ultimate biking adventure off the main motor highway. A remarkable adventure that puts you on the off track trail linking two major cities in Nepal, Pokhara and Kathmandu. Your biking trip begins from Pokhara with a short biking tour in Kathmandu before the great journey. Pokhara is an amazing city in the stunning backdrop of Mt. Annapurna and Manaslu range and is real famous for its placid lakes. Adventure begins from this beautiful place with less than 30 miles of this ride on the main highway; the rest of the journey entails tracing an assortment of broad foot paths, old jeep trails and some technical single tracks. We make our way across remote territory that's seldom visited by westerners. Crossing the old Gorkha route, we follow the traditional route that joins Kathmandu to the other parts of mid-western Nepal. Challenging ascents as well as some incredible descents combine to makes this special off-road venture a great bikers dream.

The other outlying places popular with mountain bike enthusiasts are Nagarjuna, Nage Gompa, Tokha, Ichangu Narayan, Gomcha, Bungamati, Kakani, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. These are all green belt areas with terrain that gives you an amazing experience when mountain biking.

Other relatively longer mountain bike trips are those that extend from

Dhulikhel to Kodari (82 km), near the Tibetan border; Naubise to Chitwan Park along the Rajpath highway through wonderfully scenic places like: Palung Valley, Daman, and the not-so-scenic industrial town of Hetauda in the plains; Lakeside Pokhara up and along the ridge to Sarangkot Point, and continuing on to Naudanda from where you could digest in the breathtaking close-up view of the Himalayas and the Pokhara valley; Naudanda to Pokhara through Lumle, Beni and Birethanti, or Naudanda to Pokhara (32 km) either via Sarangkot trail described above or the highway track, which starts with a twisting 6 km descent into the Modi Khola valley.

Mountain biking on the bike trails mentioned above introduces you to landscapes with some of the most natural wonders ever witnessed in a lifetime. Take some of your most interesting books along with you when out on one of these long trips…..because it can literally stir your imaginations for all purposes that are good. With Incentive Holidays, you are constantly discovering the unknown from the known.
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