Trip Descriptions

Kayaking: wild-water forays

Kayaking in Nepal can be differentiated from easy going class II rapids on the Trisuli and Seti Rivers, to raging rampaging white water on rivers like the Bhote Kosi and Marshyangdi.  Where you wish to kayak while you visit Nepal is a choice exclusively yours.  But be sure you understand and are able to read the rivers, are confident with your skill level, and plan to kayak with friends who are of the same skill level or one you are comfortable with.  Kayaking Nepal’s rivers takes team work and planning. We love the spirit of adventure in all of our guests; however, even if you are a very experienced kayaker, taking at least 1 local guide is always advisable and good for your safety, because they are more familiar with the rivers.  So if you are hiring equipment for your own use, be sure to have a local guide with you who can help you on rivers that could otherwise be moody, leaving you in a sticky situation you don’t want to be in. rafting on Nepal’s rivers is a high density adventurous sport, especially if you choose the wild ones.

Relevant Information

Arguably known to be second to trekking, tourists flock to Nepal every year for kayaking on our world class rivers for a hyper dose of adrenaline on our raging rapids. We have kayaking trips and rafting trips departing daily on the Trisuli River.  For other rivers, please call our office and arrange a custom kayaking tour. We will be happy to outfit your trip and help you enjoy our amazing aquatic ventures.